“Fuck, I’m tired.” 

Fuck I'm Tired Group

Our “Fuck, I’m Tired” Tee is all about acknowledging how we feel, and committing to taking better care of ourselves! It’s a rebellion against stress, frustration, and burnout. It’s an invitation to reclaim our time, energy, and creativity. It's a mood. And it’s fun to wear when you’re really fucking tired :)

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Why are we so tired? 

With everything going on in our lives and the world, we feel tired or burned out, and yet, we feel pressure to keep it together. Wear this shirt when you just want to be honest about that feeling, and remind yourself it’s okay to slow down, take a nap, or stay in:

“Fuck I'm Tired feels like a big sigh of relief. As someone who's working to honor her feelings rather than just "keeping it together" all the time, it's liberating to be honest when I'm not feeling 100%.” - C

“This tee is always a reminder for me to slow down!” - I

Fighting for what we believe in can be tiring, but we can find strength from this community to keep moving forward:

“I’m tired of all the bs that women have to deal with, systemically and socially, on a day to day basis. Some of the more powerful things that we can do as a community is to continue to support, proactively pay it forward, listen; but more importantly, not stand idly by and let these things happen -- we should be the ones to make things happen.” - M


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