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Self-Love Session with Karen Mok

How I Self-Love: Karen Mok

Karen Mok is the Co-Founder of The Cosmos. She is a mental health advocate and really wants a therapy dog.

8:36 AM: I’m awake! I don’t set an alarm anymore because it’s so triggering from all the alarms I woke up to for school or for early morning calls at my last job. I’ve been trying really hard to wake up and get immediately out of bed but I think self-love is letting myself be lazy and relaxed in the morning. I’m working on not immediately grabbing my phone and Instagram because it does not make me feel my best. Sigh. 

9:50 AM: I finish up my Five Minute Gratitude Journal which has helped so much with my anxiety and depression. I was a HUGE skeptic before but I wasn’t doing it regularly without an actual template-ized journal. After 3 months I realize I’m really grateful for 3 things: my cat, my partner, and the sun.  

10:00-12:00: This time is almost always blocked for calls with my co-founder, Cassandra. We’re in an LDR so we’ve learned a lot about communication and making time to see each other as we are. It can be really easy to project anxieties and insecurities onto the other person in the craziness of building up a company, but I love that Cassandra and I are both doing the self-work to love ourselves and love each other. Cheesy, yes, that’s who we are, folks.

I love that Cassandra and I are both doing the self-work to love ourselves and love each other. Cheesy, yes, that’s who we are, folks.

1:05 PM: I’m Asian so loving myself means feeding myself. Today I’m making Trader Joe’s butternut squash ravioli for lunch. I’m trying to balance holding myself to a budget and just letting myself buy and eat what I want. When I’m feeling down I definitely treat myself to a Trader Joe’s run. Self-love means letting myself buy popsicles, not just the essentials.

4:00 PM: I walk half a mile to yoga. I plug in my headphones and listen to the same 3 songs (Love in This Club by Usher, One that I want by Majid Jordan, and Ginger by Brockhampton) I’ve had stuck in my head for a month with ZERO JUDGMENT. I live with my partner but I also need alone time, and I’ve grown to love the part of myself who just needs time by herself, and not feel guilty about it. I feel content enough that I smile up at the sun like the feelsy Rising Pisces I am inside.

430 PM: Daily yoga practice is the textbook definition of self-love, right? I bought 8 lb weights on Amazon and have put myself on a *casual* workout routine. I hate going to the gym because it smells like male sweat but I was tired of feeling weak, and my mom said I looked like I was weak and too skinny (for Asian Parents it’s either too fat or too skinny, you can’t win). It really did hurt, so I tried to channel that into something I can do for myself. I feel like I’m getting stronger in just 2 weeks and I LOVE IT. 

7:00 PM: Dinner time with my partner. We both really try to be off the computer and hang out with our Brazilian bombshell of a cat Amarela. She loves family time. This is the first time I’ve had a pet in my life and I feel like I understand something about humanity. Being present with a pet helps me feel more present with myself. She is far too spicy to be a therapy cat (does that even exist??), but I know that taking care of a pet helps me with feeling valued. 

9:30 PM: Showering is my favorite thing to for myself. I think taking care of my body in simple ways is when I feel really comfortable in my skin. I have been trying to cut back on the long showers because #climatechange. I let the day’s stresses and my anxiety wash away in the shower. I literally imagine them washing down the drain. Goodbye stress. Goodbye anxiety. Hello clean slate. 

10:30 PM: Now that I’m in my late twenties, sleeping before 12 is a must and before 11 is a treat. I have the most minimal skincare routine that I’ve been doing since I was 10 which is literally putting drugstore Ponds Moisturizer on my face. I honestly never saw that as a self-care thing and more of an obligatory thing because my mom forced me to do it, but now I’m trying to really see it as time to indulge in myself. If you know how to make flossing feel indulgent, HIT ME UP.