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Dear Community,

The Cosmos started with a mutual friend connecting us over Facebook message. We met for a late afternoon coffee at Spreadhouse Cafe in the Lower East Side. We were both working on creative storytelling projects at the time. At first, we were just psyched to meet another Asian woman tired of feeling lonely, confused, and unseen, and wishing for a place where she could be her full authentic self. We had a hunch there might be more. So we started a Google Doc, which became this Medium post. Hundreds of women wrote back to us. The logical next step was to bring everyone together. We found an Airbnb in Seattle. We emailed complete strangers, asking them to spend a weekend with us. And 20 of them did.

The Seattle Retreat in January 2018 marked the beginning of The Cosmos. It was also the third time Cassandra and I met in real life. This sounds crazy!! But it’s our story that makes us believe that meeting someone over email or Instagram or slack can lead to a lifelong friendship, a creative collaboration, a new job you love...all things we can now say are happening every day in The Cosmos community!

Together, we’re creating a world where Asian women and gender non-binary creators can meet, make new friends, and feel supported by a community <3. We can’t wait to meet you.


To the stars,
Karen Mok & Cassandra Lam
Founders of The Cosmos