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Community Principles

  1. We take a holistic approach to identity. We view the self as an ecosystem and recognize that we cannot operate to our fullest potential if any part is unwell, neglected, or ignored. When our individual selves are empowered to flourish and thrive, so can our community.

  2. We embody a culture of questioning. We welcome constructively critical but non-combative dialogue.

  3. We welcome all viewpoints. We strive to create spaces that support us as we interrogate norms and expand our understanding of ourselves and our world.

  4. We are action-oriented and fearlessly experimental. We insist on applying what we learn.

  5. We run on co-creation and collaboration rooted in interactive, immersive, and transformational experiences. 

  6. We are champions of our community. Our actions and choices uplift the work of each person in the community. We believe in the group text, emoji love, and real-life shoulders to lean on.

  7. We are unapologetic in investing in ourselves and asking for what we need.